About us

Purpose of Establishment - Money Love Me

To translate product introduction from Chinese to English to help foreign friends to purchase daily items what they need for living in Taiwan.

What is "Money Love Me" website?

From time to time, here share some product recommendations so that foreign friends who do not understand Chinese can also buy daily supplies with confidence.

Service area and Using language

The main service area is Taiwan, and the languages ​​used are traditional Chinese and English. In the future, there will be opportunities to open other languages ​​to service foreign friends who working in Taiwan.

Goal: Taiwan information center

In addition to sharing daily necessities, hoping here can also translate some legal, travel, and cultural articles to help friends living in Taiwan can be more adaptable to life in Taiwan.

Money Love Me 成立的目的


Money Love Me 是?



主要服務地區是台灣, 使用的語言是繁體中文和英文, 未來有機會開放其他語言, 方便來自各國在台工作朋友交流。


希望未來除了日用品分享, 也可以翻譯一些法律、旅遊、文化文章, 幫助在台生活的朋友,更能適應台灣的生活。